Socialpolis: A Social and Sustainable Development Economy Coin

Socialpolis Coin will be an enabler for the sustainable development economy and will satisfy the need for alternative methods in financing innovative projects, offering, at the same time, trust and transparency in sectors where these elements are of highest priority.


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What is the SocialPolis Coin?

The Socialpolis Coin is the idea of the creation of a Coin as an answer to the need of an alternative financial transactions system using Blockchain technology, for the social economy and sustainable development sectors worldwide.

SPL Coin initiative is related with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which constitute a framework within which people, businesses, NGOs and governments can collaborate and implement solutions.

Traditional Assets
Digital Goods

SPL Holders benefits

  • Purchase or sale of SPL Coins in a transparent and secure way
  • Protect investors, wishing to invest in SPL Coins, against abnormal speculations created by miners or others outside the SPL Coin financial ecosystem.
  • Use the SPL Coin as a mean of financial transactions between all SPL Coin holders, regardless whether they are part or not of the Social & Solidarity Economy
  • Benefit from the expected rise of the SPL Coin value as the SPL Coin ecosystem. As Coops and other Social/Solidarity economy’s organizations re-invest most of their profits back to their community, any rise of the SPL Coin value will benefit the members of such financial ecosystem

We Bring together Marketplaces & Finance

The main Mission of the Socialpolis Coin Project is to contribute to social economy and sustainable development sectors enabling transactions in a trusty and transparent environment.

To this end, it focuses on a list of promising financial area applications, which offer ample room for decentralization and exhibit great challenges that can be faced through SocialPolis.

  • The International Solidarity Activities
  • The Social economy coops as a tool to support Social Responsibility Programs of non-Social Economy Enterprises of the private and the Public sector in EU
  • The economies of small islands located in the Greek Archipelagos
  • As a development tool to support a land development project towards a new Smart City in Greece (AGORA City)
  • International development of e-work
  • As a new way to attract and promote volunteer workers on the above application areas into Social and Solidarity Economy in EU.

What Stage are we at?

Q2 2018 Finalize setup
•Blockchain Coop establishment -Completed •Basic technological Infrastructure setup (in cooperation with Blockchain 2050) - Completed •Creation of 200.000.000 tokens - Completed
Q3 2018 Start coin circulation
•Operation of Salonica and Athens Technical Support and Development Centers - Completed •Introduction of SPL Coins in Solidarity Economy (started)
Q4 2018 Promotion
•Launch of the SPC e-shops/market place •Start Promotion in Solidarity Economy (EU) •Start Promotion in e-working •Start Promotion in volunteering •Setup the support centers in the Netherlands and Singapore
Q1 2019 Sales & Funding
•Discussions with licensed Traders •Setup of the SOCIALPOLIS Fund
Q2 2019 Explore new areas
•Start promoting in the Small Island sector •Setup the support centers in Gulf Area and Hong Kong
Q3 2019 Growth
•Reach 100.000 transactions/day •Full availability of all apps and functions
Q4 2020 Agora project
•Start promotion of the Agora project
2021 New apps and functions availability
•New apps and functions availability

SPL token Structure

Distributed to Community
Airdrops, bounty

01/10/2018 – 31/12/2018

Token Sale

01/01/2019 – 31/03/2019


200,000,000 SPL


1 ETH = 100 SPL


Soft cap: $2,000,000

Accepted Currencies


Token Distribution Date

2 weeks after the token end

Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created

SPL Members


ICO Participants


Our motivated team

Our Advisory Board

Bonus Structure

Pre-ICO Phase

Users registered in the Pre ICO phase
  • 50% Bonus on any purchase amount

1st October – 31st December 2018

ICO Phase

Users participating in the ICO phase
  • 15% Bonus on any purchase amounts

1st January – 31st March 2019

Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be moved into the next round.
The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.

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BLOCKCHAIN Open Technology Coop has the responsibility for the management and business development of SOCIALPOLIS Coin, the social and sustainable development economy cryptocurrency.

Registration Number – 000088703011

Country of incorporation – Greece